Hello and welcome to our new campaign

This is our first test of the 4e system. Will it be fun? Will it make us want to burn our 3.5 books and fully convert? We shall see. This is starting as an “off-game”. We are running a 3.5 game in Eberron right now but our DM is going to miss the next game night so we are starting up a small campaign to experience the wonders of 4e. This will also be my first time acting as DM, YIKES! Hopefully all will be fine although it will be interesting to see if an all bard party will work inside the confines of 4e. Being all bard and with only 4 players I have already noted that most of the preset encounters that WotC has developed to help start off a game had to be adjusted from the get go. I guess the future will tell us more as things progress. Unfortunately there is no way to know how often we will play as it will most likely only be our fall back for when someone cannot show up for the main campaign. Well that is some starter info, first game night is 4/29 wish us luck!

The Band

*Iggytoof Drum crazed goblin
*Ander Isembard halfling Piper & Singer
*Thizzlegig Mabobber gnome Fluter
*Skeets Kardak kobold Piper
*Quinn the Mage

As an update it looks like my DM’ing chops are going to be put to the test as our two main DM’s are both having to take a break. So it looks like my little goofey side game just became our primary.
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Playin in a Travelin Band

Spitfire665 Sturmcrow