Playin in a Travelin Band

Over Several Nights

The End of the Bards

Due to the GM being a lazy ass this log has not been updated in a bit so I will give a brief break down and try to get up to speed.

After the bar fight our party was outside talking with the guards when their mage friend showed up. Quinn (not the Eskimo) was in the wizard’s college. His dorm shared a wall with the Bard college dorm. Eventually they all became friends (the shortness is lame but it’s a summary). Quinn was to meet the boys at the pub but was delayed on the route there showing up after all the commotion.

Iggy got Quinn to help him open the “acquired” cash box from the pub. The box, failing its save vs. magic missle, ponied up the cash, 37g (thirty seven!!!!). Shortly a guard came running up and relayed that the town was under attack in various locations. Right at that moment a flaming something came out of an alley way down the block, hit the building opposite and exploded sending flames everywhere. Followed by the flaming something (barrel it was to be determined) followed an Ogre, a very upset looking Ogre, strapped to a wagon. In the wagon were two archers and more casks. The Bards began throwing insults and the Mage quickly set the whole cart ablaze with a spell. With not enough time to unhook from the cart the Ogre tried to take out anyone he could while being bitterly insulted and eventually having four barrels explode feet behind him.

After that the group agreed to go defend on of the points of attack, which also happened to be the main road out of town (the same road our group was going to leave by and shortly). When they arrived the attackers were already in retreat. Being offered a warm bed and meal paid for plus a night’s wages for “temporary militia duty” our heroes stayed the night in town. In the morning they were summoned to the house of some sort of council man or something (which was odd for a town of six people). The council guy or what ever he was asked them to track the WHC (White Horn Clan) and rescue several people who had been kidnapped as well as artifacts from the Last Horde War that were taken. After discussing the important details of the journey, mainly how much they were to make on return, they left off.

Accompanied by two guardsmen their first stop was to be at Copperbottom’s new mine. Still being constructed and as such vulnerable, the mayor guy wanted them warned about the attack on the town (the very little town it was). Upon arrival at the Mine they were confronted by a slew of Kobolds. The guards demanded to see Copperbottom as there were no official papers transferring ownership of the land (someone has to pay the taxes after all). Shortly after his bequest and the Kobolds response of “we don’t need no stinking papers” the guard was distracted by the spear protruding from his chest (but only for a moment). In the ensuing battle many insults were thrown, arrows fired, misdirection’s made and a sneaky ball of fire that seemed to obliterate everything, the battle was over. After a tricky bit with a fence and a guard who was saved by Quinn, only to die, the bodies were looted. While Iggy was looting the last of their guard escorts to be struck the Dwarves eyes popped open and he began flailing about, spear still protruding from his armor. Had the spear penetrated his breastplate by a few more inches he would have been killed. As it were he “must have hit his head on a rock or somfin” when he hit the ground as he was unconscious for almost the entire fight.

After the Dwarf stood up a golden light shown on him for a brief moment and he felt more like a “fighter”. With their new (temporary) addition they headed down into the hole that was the beginning of a small mine and Keep. Light to see by was a problem once down (solved by Quinn making Iggy’s hat glow) and at once they were assaulted by more Kobolds. After a long and arduous fight, with a group obviously higher experienced in the way of combat, the group prevailed…. barely. Put off by the difficulty behind them and the thought of what might be ahead the group decided to cut their losses and high tail it out of there. The Dwarf (who has no name) followed after them begging they stay and determine what happened to Copperbottom but to no avail.

At this point the party of Bards went on with their lives and with the loss of a few players the group is now down to three. With new “identities”, we pick up where the Bards failed in “Of Mice and DragonBorn”.



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