Playin in a Travelin Band

Wed 5/13

Bar Brawl

We begin as the party ends their short journey to Durnhill for a job

The party had just arrived at Durnhill. A small group comprised of a Goblin, a Gnome, a Kobold and a Halfling, all skilled Bards. They have been together for roughly six months practicing together and playing small venues around their home towns. Now they arrive for their first big time show (more than 10 people).

They arrived at the Black Boar Inn and Tavern, where they had managed to land a gig, if they played well enough they would be invited to stay for 3 more nights. The band headed straight for the tavern to get a drink and scope things out before the show. Iggytoof tried talking with the locals in hopes of gleaming info for a good song. What he learned was life in Durnhill is pretty boring these days although one of the off duty city guards mentioned something about an attack a few years back. Thizzlegig quietly worked on some anti venom at a back table for a few hours.

Once the place started filling up they guys set up and started playing. After several hours they had managed to earn a few fans and about 17g in tips. Things were going well when the door was smashed in. Several Hobgoblins came rushing in, one poor drunk only feet away from the door about to head home was cut in two, the first victim of the assault. Within seconds the patrons were on their feet smashing chairs and tables and grabbing improvised clubs. Several of the Bards noticed the surprise and hatred of the patrons when they saw the symbol the attackers wore, a helm with two white horns.

More attackers came through the door, several more hobgoblins and two Goblin Blackblades. Patrons and Hobgobs alike were being slain but our intrepid Bards remained vigilant, giving tempo and rhythm to the chaos at hand. Thizzlegig originally heading to the bar to find out what the deal was stopped after the Bar Keep pulled his sword, jumped up on the bar and engaged in combat with one of the Hobgoblins. After less than a minute but what seemed like an eternity the band started making their way along the back side of the tavern, hesitant to get involved.

At some point in the commotion, torches were thrown and the tavern was set ablaze. One of the Blackblades called out that all would die who oppose the Clan of the White Horn and the city belonged to them. Insults and crossbow bolts flew from the party. More than one hobgoblin, being overwhelmed by the psychic power of a vicious insult, shat himself just before dying on the spot. As well as one poor Hobgob being so confused by a misdirection, that his brain practically liquefied and ran out his ears. During the combat, as the last three bar patrons alive dove out the front windows (leaving only the copulating couple in front of the fireplace that is), Iggytoof carried on a brief conversation with on of the Blackblades. He informed Iggy, that were he a true blooded Goblin he would take up arms against the humans and human sympathizers of the city, if not then he was merely their servant playing for their enjoyment and groveling for their dirty gold pieces. Not surprisingly, shortly after their to and fro, the Blackblade lay dead (later the body was loyally retrieved by Crackers).

As Thizzlegig, Skeets and Ander dispatched Hobgob after Hobgob, Iggy made his way around towards the door whilst taunting the other Blackblade to come for him. At this point a few things seemed to happen almost in unison. The Barkeep was finally struck down seemingly dead, Iggytoof finally prodded the Goblin into a blind rage (aimed at Crackers) and the city guard arrived at the door. As the Goblin Blackblade charged for Crackers he was hit by a mighty blast from Ander, so dazed from the hit he had no time to stop his charge and keep from being skewered by the guards blade (which he was, poor brain damaged Goblin).

As the last enemies fall, more guards and a bucket brigade show up to help douse the flames. Iggytoof heads to the bar in the confusion in search of the cash box looking for the bands payment. Noticing the bar keep is still alive but barely he beckons some guards over to aid him. Iggy snags the small cash box but realizes they will have to get into it later so he shoves it in his pants. The group helps sort the bodies of the attackers from those of the city residents while secretly looking for “souvenirs”. After the bodies are sorted and some of the band has help put out most of the fire, Iggy starts asking the guards about the White Horn Clan in search of musical inspiration. The one guard is obviously annoyed with his attempts to glean info for some sort of heroic ballad in praise of the Clan.

It is revealed that the White Horn’s were part of the battalion that attacked Durnhill some 600 years ago in the last Great Horde War. The then small village of Durnhill was nearly razed to the ground in the siege yet saved at the last hour as reinforcements arrived and defeated the horde army. As a result the leader and half of the high warlords of the Clan along with almost the entirety of their warriors were killed, practically dissolving the entire Clan in a single battle.

There are reports of similar attacks all over the city.

Our night ends with the guard walking away in slight disgust as he has a city to defend, Iggytoof not finished with his enquireies follows after him.



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