Playin in a Travelin Band

Over Several Nights
The End of the Bards

Due to the GM being a lazy ass this log has not been updated in a bit so I will give a brief break down and try to get up to speed.

After the bar fight our party was outside talking with the guards when their mage friend showed up. Quinn (not the Eskimo) was in the wizard’s college. His dorm shared a wall with the Bard college dorm. Eventually they all became friends (the shortness is lame but it’s a summary). Quinn was to meet the boys at the pub but was delayed on the route there showing up after all the commotion.

Iggy got Quinn to help him open the “acquired” cash box from the pub. The box, failing its save vs. magic missle, ponied up the cash, 37g (thirty seven!!!!). Shortly a guard came running up and relayed that the town was under attack in various locations. Right at that moment a flaming something came out of an alley way down the block, hit the building opposite and exploded sending flames everywhere. Followed by the flaming something (barrel it was to be determined) followed an Ogre, a very upset looking Ogre, strapped to a wagon. In the wagon were two archers and more casks. The Bards began throwing insults and the Mage quickly set the whole cart ablaze with a spell. With not enough time to unhook from the cart the Ogre tried to take out anyone he could while being bitterly insulted and eventually having four barrels explode feet behind him.

Wed 5/13
Bar Brawl

We begin as the party ends their short journey to Durnhill for a job

The party had just arrived at Durnhill. A small group comprised of a Goblin, a Gnome, a Kobold and a Halfling, all skilled Bards. They have been together for roughly six months practicing together and playing small venues around their home towns. Now they arrive for their first big time show (more than 10 people).

They arrived at the Black Boar Inn and Tavern, where they had managed to land a gig, if they played well enough they would be invited to stay for 3 more nights. The band headed straight for the tavern to get a drink and scope things out before the show. Iggytoof tried talking with the locals in hopes of gleaming info for a good song. What he learned was life in Durnhill is pretty boring these days although one of the off duty city guards mentioned something about an attack a few years back. Thizzlegig quietly worked on some anti venom at a back table for a few hours.

Wed 4/29

Game night for Wed 4/29 was cancelled. We are holding off on the 4e adventure till everyone can be there. And it gives me more than a week to develope the world a little and set the stage.


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