The last Horde war was roughly 600 years ago. It was the last major push for domination by the Horde races as well as several Barbarian tribes. Human and Horde alike suffered major losses to their cities and civilization as a whole.

Finally after 10 years of war a peace treaty was signed and a halt to all aggression was decided the only way to protect against extinction of one or more species. Fortifications and outposts were allowed deep within the old borders on both sides, a way to keep watch on each other.

Over the next 200 years efforts were made by both sides to live in peace with each other, each offering gestures of good will towards the other. Cohabitation started at first in small villages then larger cities joined the trend. Built as a combined effort and inaugurated on the 300th anniversary of the treaty, The great city of Arneson is now the central hub of most races on Myrna, including the Myrnian Central Senate.

The Myrnian Central Senate is comprised of all the races of Myrna.


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